G.I. Joe Paratrooper Hang-Time Contest

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Me_tc_40thheads_3Me_tc_40thheads_3 I’m guessing many GeekDads grew up with the G.I. Joe action figures…we may be at the edge of some of you not knowing that the real original G.I. Joes were 12" tall and had kung-fu grip (but I digress).  The one thing I remember when I was a kid was really, really wanting my paratrooper G.I. Joe to go as high in the air as possible for as much parachute hang-time as possible.

I worked at throwing the action-figure as straight and high into the air as I could, standing on a ladder and throwing, and wishing I was taller so I could get on the roof of my house to throw…but it was never enough.

My boys have a few G.I. Joes – including one with a parachute, and the frustration of it never quite getting enough parachute hang-time has moved to a new generation….

So, fellow GeekDads, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to help come up with the best means of getting as much hang-time out of G.I. Joe paratrooper action figures as possible. The only rules are that the means of getting hang-time are:

  1. Family-friendly — it’s got to be safe enough that your kids can do it.
  2. No local ordinances are broken in the process (we don’t want you getting arrested or anything…)

Are you up for the challenge?  If you are, send an email (and pictures!) detailing your adventures.

Above image courtesy of H. P. Holland, 2007

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