The 10 Most Popular GeekDad Articles of 2010


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It’s been a great year for GeekDad, and we want to thank all of you, our readers. This blog is in no small part a labor of love for us, and we’re always very gratified when our words have some meaningful effect on others. In that vein, we want to make sure you know that we never take our readership for granted.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of the ten GeekDad articles that received the most page views during the calendar year 2010. You may have read some of these before, but we hope you’ll take a look at any you haven’t and maybe reread a few. Interestingly, one of the articles listed (#3) was a reprint, and and another (#5) was actually from 2009 and got a lot of 2010 traffic because of Google searches.

Are there any 2010 GeekDad posts you particularly enjoyed but that aren’t on the list? We’d love to know about them, because we’d like to make 2011 an even better year.

10. Leftover Valentine’s Chocolate? Use It to Measure the Speed of Light

9. Happy 25th Birthday to the Buckyball!

8. 10 Jobs That Should Not Have ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’

7. The Great Bacon Odyssey: Bacon, the Other Crispy Brown Meat

6. Top 10 Movie Plot Holes You Probably Never Noticed Before

5. Great Geek Debates: iPhone vs. Blackberry

4. How to Raise Racist Kids

3. 10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse (GeekDad Wayback Machine)

2. 10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart

1. 100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know

Happy New Year from all of us here at GeekDad!

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