New D&D Movie Needs Your Character

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Lightning Bolt!Lightning Bolt!

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I’m not going to lie: I wasn’t a big fan of the first Dungeons and Dragons movie. Part of it was that I saw it all by myself, during my first semester away from home at college, and I was dreadfully homesick. Part of it was… well, it was just awful. The effects were crap, the actors’ performances were abysmal, and there was that one dude with the blue lipstick.

That being said, I think it’s pretty cool that Wizards of the Coast and Silver Pictures are holding a contest for their sequel to the movie (let’s just ignore the made-for-TV Wrath of the Dragon God for the moment, shall we?) where the players of the D&D role-playing game can actually influence the movie.

Until tomorrow, you can submit your own D&D character, stats included, to be cast in the movie. The winning character will be portrayed onscreen by his or her player.

Let’s hope the winner can bring more to their performance than Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons did to his.

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