12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: Telegraph and Lightbulb Kits from Harris Educational

Geek Culture

While it’s always great to meet geeks from around the nation, and the globe, I always find it thrilling to connect with local geeks doing amazing things. North Carolina-based Harris Educational is one of those such local connections, doing awesome science right here. The best part? The offerings from Harris Educational are both geeky and, well, as you might guess from their name, totally educational.

Sure, there’s a ton of science kits out there. But what I love about the Harris Educational products is that they allow you to do such cool and interesting projects with your kids. How about making a light bulb? Or a telegraph? These kits come with everything you need to do just that. I particularly like the steampunk angle, considering the approach to making these items are very old-school, yet the results are undeniably awesome.

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