Cool Robot Kits Make Tom Selleck Nervous

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Okay, the more robot-savvy amongst us are probably way ahead of me on this, but I just discovered Lynxmotion, a company putting out really cool robotics kits.  The first one that I saw (discovered via Gizmodo), the BH3-R, looks a bit like the replicator RobotrunawayRobotrunawayspaceship in Stargate SG-1. Except yellow.  But then I saw the BH2, and the ’80s came rushing back to me.

The robot kits are a bit pricey – definitely for the enthusiast crowd – but they RunawayRunawayalso have an interesting selection of smaller battle-bot style devices as well. 

And did I mention many of the robots will run off PS2 controllers? 

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