Wisconsin Day-Trip: Wisconsin Maritime Museum

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The boys and I spent a day at the
Wisconsin Maritime
.  An historical, hands-on, GeekFamily-friendly exhibit in
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  A place to see a World War II submarine, to learn about shipping on the Great Lakes, and where the kids can experience water hands-on and it’s importance for agricultural and economic interests.


Manitowoc05Manitowoc05The highlight of the museum is the tour of the USS
, a World War II GATO-class fleet submarine (where you see, touch, smell, and hear about life of the US Navy servicemen aboard the sub).  You also get to see the history of shipping on the Great
Lakes, and the permanent exhibits expose you to the part Wisconsin shipbuilders played in the history of the United States.


After the submarine tour, the boys and
I took some time to hang out in the Childrens’ Waterways Room.  Geoff and Cory got to pretend they were submarine captains, got to see how a boat goes through a lock system, and diverted water from a river to irrigate crops and generate hydro-electric power.  There was even a spot where they were challenged to arrange PVC pipes to direct water that would drive a water-wheel.Manitowoc06Manitowoc06

Located about an hour and a half from Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum makes a good day-trip from Green Bay, Oshkosh
(if you’re coming in for the EAA’s AirVenture),
Madison, or Milwaukee.  Families with children between the ages of 6
and 15 will receive a discount on their tickets.


Once a year, we have a guys’ weekend away.  The boys have asked if we could go back to Manitowoc – so I
know they had a great time

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