Pirate Versus Pirate: The Swashbuckling Game of Swords and Rewards

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My son and I could not wait for the release of Pirate Versus Pirate – The Swashbucklin’ Game of Swords and Rewaaarrrds. We both really enjoyed Out Of The Box‘s Ninja Versus Ninja, so this seemed like a solid choice – plus, it is pirate themed! We were not disappointed.

The game pieces are made from very heavy plastic, just like Ninja‘s. This gives the pirate pieces and the dice a very rugged feel that can stand up to all ages. In fact, I have already found them in the bathtub, the yard, and mixed in the toy box. When they are actually used in the game, it is very fun to play. Also it is important to note that the art is by John Kovalic, whose Dork Tower strips are published on GeekDad and who is a co-owner and co-founder of Out of the Box Games.

The rules are easy for kids to understand: get the treasure (plastic coins) and get back to your boat (home base) before the other player or players. Yes, this game allows for two or three players. No need for brother or sister to wait for their turn to play the winner. Game play is pretty quick with the average game lasting about twenty minutes.

Parents will like their children playing this game because it helps with multiple levels of education. First, the children will need to add and count during each turn. Then, there is the level of decision-making. The player must decide if they want to take out another player’s pirate or move towards their treasure goal. Finally, there is a level of strategy that must be played. Every move needs to be made to set up the next turn’s movement — pirates need to move out of the way, or pass the treasure to another. Now if I could just find a way to combine the two games, I would have a real Pirate Versus Ninja! Sorry, I could not resist…

From the Manufacturer
Three bands of pirates have discovered an island brimming with treasure. Conquer the island by capturing the gold and silver, or by eliminating the enemy pirates. Position your pirates carefully, enemies are all around and they are hungry for treasure.

Pirate Versus Pirate is by Out Of The Box Publishing, Inc. and is designed for 2-3 players ages 8 and up. I played with a six year old and had no problems however.

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