Iron GM: Are You The Best Game Master?

Geek Culture

The Iron GM competition will be held this November 4-7 at NeonCon in Las Vegas. It sounds really cool! If you’re attending, be sure to check it out. It costs $6 to participate as a player and $12 to compete as a GM. The winner gets a free trip to Gen Con Indy ’11.

Think you’re the best Game Master in town? Prove it!
Iron GM is the national tournament that turns adventure-making into competitive sport. Game Masters clash in a challenge of wits, stamina and creative potency for prizes and a title shot!

Players, Looking for the Hottest Game Around?

Players, reap the fruits of battle as your GM fights to give you the greatest game of your life! Sit in judgment – only you can decide if they are Iron!

How’s it work?

GMs are randomly assigned to a table of Players. Next we reveal our three secret story ingredients. GMs have sixty minutes to craft adventures, placing the secret ingredients at the nucleus of their games, while Players have sixty minutes to build characters. After hours of thrills, Players rate GMs on special scorecards using tournament-tested criteria.

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