The Addams Family Pinball Table

‘The Addams Family’ Arrives on ‘The Pinball Arcade’

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The Addams Family Pinball Table
Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, and Spooky: The Addams Family Pinball
Source: Farsight Studios

Pinball fans rejoice, it’s time to dance the Mamushka! Farsight Studios just announced that The Addams Family, the most popular pinball table of all time is now in digital form and available for download as part of The Pinball Arcade. Originally released by Williams Electronics’ pinball division and designed by the legendary pinball designers Pat Lawlor and Larry DeMar in 1992, the now-classic game was based on the creepy and kooky 1991 movie remake of the campy ’60s television series The Addams Family. Back then, pinball was in the middle of a full-fledged renaissance and many look to the now-classic game as the defining game of the era having sold over 20,000 units-more than any other pinball game in history!

Though the best-selling game can now be at your fingertips, bringing the physical game to the digital landscape was a difficult task. Farsight Studios enlisted the help of nearly 4,000 Kickstarter backers to secure $115,000 in funding that would go towards musical licenses and other roadblocks (such as permission from actors to use their likenesses) in order to get the game produced. The thrill of the silverball still lives on in the digital version as players work to complete goals outlined in the family’s mansion depicted on the playfield. Fans will still delight at the electric chair, the numerous ramps, the spinning bookcase, and the interactive Thing toy. The movie’s soundtrack, original voices, and iconic artwork complete the package on this milestone game. The Addams Family is the 35th table released by Farsight Studios and is a perfect present for all pinball fans to celebrate the three-year anniversary of The Pinball Arcade series.

The Addams Family is available for iOS, Steam (Mac/Windows), Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Ouya.

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  1. My college arcade had one of these with the tilt sensitivity so low that you could pick the thing up to move the ball around. I played and played this thing. They had this, and I think Star Wars, and an Indiana Jones. The local arcade had Mars Attack which I also played quite heavily. I loved this era of pinball games.

  2. I’m getting twitchy waiting for the Xbox 360 version to drop. This is the next best thing to owning a table.

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