Playing Games at PAX, Part One: Lighter Fare


San JuanSan Juan

Starting PAX off right: with a game!

As much as I enjoy video games (both consoles and PC), I’ve never been all that good at them, and since having kids I just don’t really play that much—not least because if I don’t let my kids watch violent movies and TV shows, I figure I shouldn’t let them watch me play Halo or Left 4 Dead, either. (But also because I’ve never spent the money on an Xbox 360 or PS3, so I’m stuck with the older titles.)

All that to say that at PAX Prime, I wandered around the exhibit hall a bit and tried a few video games here and there, but what I was really excited about was the tabletop gaming. I didn’t even know until shortly before PAX that they have a huge library of games that you can check out, and rooms full of tables and chairs where you can hang out, play a few rounds, and then swap out for a new game. There were some game publishers there giving demos of new games, there were tournaments (Settlers of Catan, for one) that lasted nearly the entire weekend, and there were plenty of old favorites. And of course I brought a couple of my own. As Girls Are Geeks accurately said, I’m a board-game playing maniac, so I was in my element.

Here, then some of the games I played and saw at PAX last weekend. First up, a mix of lighter fare.

Stay tuned for (coming later this morning) Part Two: Taking Over the World!

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