Because Audubon Guides Never Examined Dewbacks, Womp Rats Or Sarlaccs

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The animals in the Star Wars saga are often nothing more than background, only occasionally taking center stage and even then, often just as blaster fodder or an impromptu sleeping bag. But this wildlife is incredibly creative, consisting of thoughtfully developed domesticated transport stock, monstrous predators and other creepy creatures found on land, sea and air.

And while many have just been digital wallpaper while the Jedi and Sith do battle, a book pays homage to these known (and little-known) creatures of the series. The Wildlife Of Star Wars: A Field Guide, clad in a cover embossed with Dewback scales, provides the ultimate look at the creatures of Star Wars. The book is written by Bob Carrau and illustrated by Terryl Whitlatch.

Entries are organized by planet, beginning with (what else?) Tatooine and ending with Coruscant and covers eight worlds — Naboo gets three chapters to itself. In addition to known facts about individual wildlife, there is a wealth of wisdom that’s added to the mythology. For example, did you know that Mynocks are silicon-based and reproduce by fission?

In addition to a couple of pages of “New Arrivals”, which have never been seen before this book, there were a good number of creatures I did not recognize, even though I’ve seen the movies more times than I can count. The Field Guide makes me want to go back and watch the saga, with an eye towards the wildlife. The Wildlife Of Star Wars is a fun romp through the swamps, seas and sand dunes of Star Wars – the illustrations are beautiful and the descriptions are compelling, making this Field Guide a must-have for any Star Wars fan.

Disclosure: Chronicle Books sent GeekDad a review copy of this book.

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