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Geek Links: Teach the Alphabet With ‘the LetterHeads’

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I’m a big fan of Stefan Bucher’s creations (click here to see how he creates ink monsters), and he’s got a new book coming out called The LetterHeads: An Eccentric Alphabet. It’s a unique and amazing take on the alphabet. Each page features a letter of the alphabet as a caricature (with some fun text that is often a little tongue-twisting). But turn the page, and you can also view the back of the character.

If you or someone you know has a youngling who is starting to learn the alphabet, why go with a boring A-B-C book? With this one, a parent can tie the verbal with the visual, grabbing the child’s attention with the odd-and-funny-looking letters and reinforcing the sound of the letter with its shape.

You can order a copy here. Oh, and if you’d like to hear an abridged version of the book read by comedian and actor Marc Evan Jackson, check out the video below that includes visuals for each letter:

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