The Engineer’s Pledge

Photo by Anton Olsen

As Geek Dads (and Moms) we are raising our kids with an appreciation for science, engineering, and technology. While my son took to science right away, I had to encourage my daughter a little. She’s come around well and even formed her own VEX Robotics team last year.

The folks at WGBH have created an initiative that they call the Engineer’s Pledge. The goal is to encourage more girls to understand better and explore the field of engineering. By emphasizing the the creative side of engineering, promoting collaboration, and refining the image of an engineer, they hope to even the playing field a little.

Show your support by taking the pledge, and spread the word by liking it on the Engineer’s Pledge page on Facebook. More information about the initiative and how you may help can be found at Engineer Your Life: The Engineer’s Pledge.

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