Comics Geek: Unearthed Jack Kirby!

Geek Culture

O my lord. Never before reprinted early Jack Kirby monster comics have been scanned and posted over at Monster Blog. The stories are from the late 1950s and early 1960s – right at the time of many of the classic Kirby superheroes we all know and love.

Beyond the fact that this is a Jack Kirby feast – complete with classic storytelling techniques that focus on character and atmosphere in regular panel layouts – the stories have Kirby teamed with some of the other early great Marvel artists. Joe Sinnott, Dick Ayers, and Chris Rule are together with Kirby showing off what were the teams that created the Marvel Silver Age pantheon. There is even a comic with Kirby teamed with Wally Wood.

My daughter loves comics and cartooning and my son loves superheroes, but they do not get my excitement over this. I will not get much sleep tonight.

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