Lady Ada’s Bento Box: A Hacker’s To-Go Box

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Lady Ada's Bento BoxLady Ada's Bento Box

Lady Ada's Bento Box

It won’t be long now that I will be packing my bags and heading to the Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 in San Mateo. I was thinking about bringing along an Arduino and some parts that could be fiddled with at the Faire but wasn’t sure how I was going to pack them up for travel. I had a couple thoughts and then Lady Ada’s Bento Box came up as a new product in my Adafruit RSS feed. I know how I am bringing some electronics parts to Maker Faire now!

Lady Ada’s Bento Box is a kit that features an OtterBox 3000, a half-size breadboard, an Altoids-size tin, and a plate to mount an Arduino and breadboard inside the box. The tin is perfect for carrying some small components along. The OtterBox leaves enough height inside to have your breadboard populated and available on the go. If you’re looking for way of taking your prototypes on the road for show-and-tell or to an event, Lady Ada’s Bento Box may be just what you need! See you at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2012!

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