Comic-Con Report: Photographic Evidence


It’s been two weeks since Comic-Con and the world has already moved on to the next thing (Gen Con, anyone?) but I’m still sorting through my photos from the trip. There’s such a tremendous amount going on for the four days that it’s impossible to encapsulate in just a few posts and tweets—I probably could have gotten enough material in those four days for a month’s worth of posts.

Instead, I’ll leave you with a collection of photos from Comic-Con, whittled down from the hundreds that I took. Not all of these are the best composition or even in the best focus, but in a crowded exhibit hall sometimes you take what you can get. Hope you enjoy this glimpse through my camera lens!

My first view of Comic-Con

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Getting off the trolley and walking toward the convention center, the first thing I could see was the giant Scott Pilgrim poster plastered on the side of the Hilton.

All photos: Jonathan H. Liu

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