The Great Bacon Odyssey: Ideas Needed, Reward Offered!

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bacon stripsbacon strips

Photo by wEnDaLicious (Flickr user); used under Creative Commons Attribution license.

As much fun as my Great Bacon Odyssey has been so far, I’ve decided I need to branch out a bit into things that involve actual bacon instead of just bacon flavor — both to make the saga more interesting and for the sake of my palate.

I’ve seen some interesting things done with bacon, from a burger made out of bacon to a bacon milkshake. And I may well recreate these ideas with some modifications, but I’d like to do something new and different, something nobody’s done before (or at least that isn’t documented on the internet, which in 2010 amounts to the same thing). To that end, I need ideas.

I have a few of my own, but I need more. So please send me your ideas! I’m looking for projects/stunts using real dead-pig bacon, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on any one project. Please send me as many ideas as you can think of, even (perhaps especially) ridiculous-sounding ones. You can leave a comment on this post, email me, or tweet me @cerebus19. For every idea I use, when the article incorporating the idea is published, I will send the first person (sorry, only the first person) who sent me the idea a $15 $25 gift certificate to (and courtesy of) ThinkGeek. I will also acknowledge and thank all the people who sent me the idea in the article.

Oh, yes, and please remember that this is a family blog, so please keep any ideas that you wouldn’t want to tell your kids about to yourself. Thanks!

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