Zombie Dice Is A Double-Barrel Of Dice Game Fun

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If you happened to walk down one of the lower level hallways at PAX East, you may have seen a big crowd surrounding the Steve Jackson booth. Steve Jackson Games has brought us many great games over the years, but at this show they were featuring a couple of new dice games. One of the games was very popular with lots of people, including Wil Wheaton and more than a couple of GeekDads.

Zombie Dice is a very easy game to pick up and learn and you can play with 2 or more players. The game comes with a cup and 13 dice. Each player plays as a zombie. Shake out three dice in your hand, roll them and see your results. Each die has one of three icons: brains, which are soooo good to eat (nom nom) and represent points; footsteps stand for a victim on the run and an opportunity to re-roll; and shotgun blasts are very detrimental to your undead health and count as strikes against you. The dice are three colors – red is a tougher die with more shotgun blasts and less brains, green less shotguns and more brains and yellow is somewhere in the middle.

Score one point for each tasty piece of gray matter and a strike for each shotgun blast. You can count yourself lucky at this point and stop your turn and keep your points. Of course, what mindless walking corpse would do such a thing? Set your brains & shotgun blasts aside, let out a grrrrrooooan and press your luck by grabbing three more random dice. (If you’ve rolled footsteps on your previous roll, that die (or dice) must be picked up and rolled on your next roll.) Keep going as many times as you choose, but be careful. If you get three shotgun blasts before you declare your turn over, you lose whatever points you accumulated on that turn. The first reanimated, decaying flesh-sack to hit 13 points wins.

Depending on the number of players, a game can be as quick as 5 or 10 minutes – making Zombie Dice perfect to play while you’re waiting for people to show up for your weekly game or as a little palate cleanser during a break. Zombie Dice is available for $13.13 from your local game shop or at Steve Jackson Games.

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