Geeky Father’s Day Idea: Stainless Steel Wallet

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Photo by Anton Olsen

For Christmas last year I splurged and bought myself a Stainless Steel Wallet from our friends at ThinkGeek. Now that Father’s Day is upon us I have had a few friends ask if they should get one for their dads so here’s my reply:

First impressions of the wallet are good. It is sturdy, silky smooth, and hard to believe it is made of metal. Once I started loading it up I soon realized that I couldn’t fit everything in. The three credit card slots are good for only 4 cards. You can fit one in each of the front slots, and two in the back. That is it though. Stainless steel doesn’t stretch like leather or duct tape.

At the steep price of $80 (at least 10x what I usually pay for a wallet) I was hoping for a wallet that would last me at least 10 years. While it is definitely more durable than the Ducti duct-tape wallet , or the cheap leather ones I used to buy on clearance, it isn’t likely to last me more than 2-3 years. I suspect I’m somewhat hard on wallets since the Ducti duct-tape wallet only lasted a year before it got too torn and sticky to use, but I don’t think I’m abusive to them.

I still enjoy using the wallet, and it has maintained its appearance well. I get a lot of comments from cashiers, and an occasional one from someone in line behind me.

So is it worth $80? Probably not, but it is cool, and fun to carry. Should you get one for your Dad? Only if you are used to spending that kind of cash for a present. 8

Wired: Sharp looking, clean, slim, and somewhat durable.

Tired: Starting to show wear, especially at the folds, and around the license window. Won’t stretch like most other wallets, so you will have to exercise some discipline about what you carry every day.

Available at:
Think Geek – Stainless Steel Wallet – Stainless Steel Wallet

For my next wallet I’m going to try the Dot Matrix Wallet made of Tyvek.

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