Follow a Camera Into Space Today

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Image via The Daedalus

We told you about teacher Todd Stowe’s previous project, working with his students to launch a camera into near orbit via weather balloon. Well, he’s about to do it again (on his own, as a test run), and this time we can all follow along:

There’s going to be a SPOT Personal Tracker in the capsule this time, along with the ham transmitter that was used on the last flight. The SPOT transmitter will send a position report to a website that anyone can access (unless you want it to be private, in which case, you can password protect it). Their site is at I’ve set up a site that is not password protected and can be found at We will also have a ham transmitter that can be tracked at You will have to enter my callsign on the aprs site. It is KJ4RSG-11. The SPOT transmitter will update every 10 minutes with latitude and longitude only. The aprs info will update every 30 seconds and include latitude and longitude plus altitude, direction and speed.

Todd’s experiment should be taking off Monday morning around 10:30am EDT, and once the camera returns, images will be available at Good luck Todd!

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