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Ahhh, the World Cup. That egalitarian sporting tournament where dung beetles and plastic horns grab the spotlight … where a game can be decided in less than a second. The World Cup is the most watched event on the planet and the subject of this week’s puzzle. Solve the header below and bury your answer in the back of the net by Friday night at 10 pm EST and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate from folks at ThinkGeek.


At the GeekDad version of the World Cup, there are just four stadiums being used in South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Each serves as the training grounds for counties from Groups A, B, C, D & E – one stadium is shared. The countries assigned to these stadiums are Brazil, Germany, Cameroon, Spain & the Netherlands. Using the following clues, provide us with the group and training ground of each country.

1. Neither Spain nor the country using Port Elizabeth share a training grounds, but the Dutch do.

2. The Group A team doesn’t train at Port Elizabeth and they share a stadium with Cameroon.

3. The countries in Groups C, E and Germany do not share training grounds.

4. Group B is not Germany, nor do they play at Durban.

5. Group D plays in Johannesburg, but Group C doesn’t train at Durban.

Good luck!

Update: Corrected group identifiers.

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