GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution: Presto Chango Geek to Maverick

Geek Culture

If you missed it, this week’s puzzle asked you to use basic physics formulas to transform:

Of course, specific steps will vary, but here’s one way to do it:


Unfortunately, there were NO CORRECT ANSWERS to this week’s puzzle, likely because we all spent too much time on CS and not enough time on physics in college. In any case, you are all slackers. But this is GeekDad and so even slackers are rewarded with the code GEEKDAD23CD, which will get you $10.00 off your next $50.00 ThinkGeek order.

Tune in on Monday when Dave G turns the geek up to 11 — or perhaps in the spirit of the season, reaches out through your screen to consume your brains.

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