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I’ve been playing Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure quite a bit the last few days (both in videogame and Skylanders Chess form). But it wasn’t until today that I realized the stats published on the official Skylanders site were only for the character cards you use on the web game, rather than the starting stats of the characters in the PS3, 360, Wii, PC and 3DS games.

So today I pooled my collection with fellow blogger Steph Flemming so we could work through each of the characters in the game and write down what their starting stats are. I was quite surprised to find out some Skylanders characters I thought would be slow were actually quite nippy, and likewise a few that I thought wouldn’t be as strong that actually had a high Critical Hit stat.

The in-game stats work differently to the character card stats:

Skylanders Card Stats:

  • Attack (the strength of their weapons)
  • Agility (how high they can jump and how fast they can move)
  • Defense (how much damage their armor and body will absorb from an enemy attack)
  • Luck (how quickly they recover from stun attacks), and is used in other non-skill based aspects of the game.

Skylanders Character Stats:

  • Max Health (Hit points)
  • Speed (Movement)
  • Armour (How Hard to hit)
  • Critical Hit (Chance of doing extra damage)
  • Elemental Power (Increase effect of elemental zone)
  • Heroics (Challenges completed)
  • Hero Level (Website progress)

Our Skylanders Character Stats list progress is getting there slowly. The biggest surprises so far have been Stealth Elf‘s high critical hit stat, Gill Grunt‘s low armor stat and Stump Smash‘s simply massive hit point count.

We have now worked our way through the Skylanders Character Stats for the majority of the single pack figures, but don’t have access to some of the others. If you do and you’d like to help us complete the list, you need to put the character on the portal (ensuring they are still Level 1) and press pause to select the stat page and pop them in the comments here.

We’ll be updating the page with these stats, as well as full lists of primary and secondary attacks and upgrades over the next few weeks.

The last thing to say about collecting these figures is to avoid being forced into buying doubles. Various characters are available in different packs. Here’s the cross-referenced list we produced in element order:

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