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Okay. We’re relying on the wisdom of the collective. We’ve got a loyal GeekDad reader – we’ll call him Mr. John Smith* – who recently took a job with the federal government (we’d tell you which division, but…you know the drill, we’d have to kill you). Where he works is a significant distance from his home, and “Mr. Smith” wants to make sure to keep a connection with his family even though the commute is now going to rob several hours of his day.

eyeeyeThis is where you come in – we’d love to crowdsource a solution for “Mr. Smith” and see what creative ideas, the GeekDad community has for him. Here are the constraints of the assignment, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Online only – no downloadable components necessary as the US Federal government frowns upon such things and will not allow it.
  2. Simple and fun – something that can be done quickly and easily for the family back home.
  3. Doodle-capable – “Mr. Smith” would love to create doodles during the day to have his kids print-out and color.

So, there you have it GeekDad community. Let’s give “Mr. Smith” and all those GeekDads who have a long commute an online, simple, fun, doodle-able site that they can share with the family back home.

Leave your suggestions in the comments. “Mr. Smith” gives you his undying gratitude.

*Before you ask – I can neither confirm nor deny that Mr. John Smith is an actual person.

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