GeekDad Participates in Magic’s Community Cup Challenge

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Image: John BaichtalImage: John Baichtal

Image: John Baichtal

I recently got some great news: Wizards of the Coast wants me to participate in a Magic: The Gathering tournament. Myself, three other bloggers and four MTG Online community leaders will challenge 8 Wizards of the Coast employees!

Magic Online’s vibrant and vocal community has always been willing to challenge the MTGO team. Now, it is the MTGO team’s turn to challenge the community. We are putting together a special fun-filled competition to celebrate this spirited relationship.

For this inaugural event, we have invited a team of 8 players consisting of 4 members of the press and 4 Magic Online Community Leaders to be your representatives. These Magic Online fans will be flown out to Wizards of the Coast’s headquarters to compete against a team of Wizards of the Coast employees to see who will lay claim to the Community Challenge Cup.
And to make it interesting, the community team won’t only be playing for themselves, but also for potential rewards for the community as a whole! There will be several opportunities to provide input, so make sure to participate and give the Community Team your advice and support!

Read the official announcement to learn more.

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