Scientific and Geeky Tattoos: Are you serious?

Geek Culture

How committed of a science nerd or geek are you? If you’re truly hardcore then maybe you’d like to show that permanently, in ink, on your skin. We’ve seen in past posts on GeekDad how geeklets can give tattoos to their parents. We’ve even seen some GeekDad contributors who have geek tattoos of their own. (Hi Z!) Here are some of the best of geek and science tattoos out there.


Geeky Tattoos has collected some of the best in geek tattoos.

Most recently they posted this awesome XKCD tattoo. (Warning:, the site captioned on the photo, is NSFW.) Or how about hers and his Pac Mac and Ms. Pac Man tattoos to show your geeky love for each other?


Carl Zimmer, scientist and blogger over at Discover, has a Science Tattoo Emporium with hundreds of extreme science tattoos. For example, how about showing your love for neuroscience with an accurate tattoo depiction of a retinal ganglion? Or celebrate your PHD in immunology with a Tree of Life made using DNA?

Finally, if you want to use the geekiest tech in your tattoos, you might consider using UV Reactive Ink, which only is visible under black light. Combine that with Euler’s Formula you have the geekiest tattoo ever! (We mean that with love!)

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