GeekDad Presents its Exclusive Alara Reborn Spoiler

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1702_arb_620jpg1702_arb_620jpgAs the 49th Magic: The Gathering set released by Wizards, Alara Reborn ought to be fairly predictable. Wouldn’t Wizards have done it all before? Well, obviously not, because there’s an innovation that’s all-new with this set, third in the Alara block.

The block began with Shards of Alara, describing a world sundered into five, each with its own limited set of colors: Grixis, for instance, features Black as its primary color, with Red and Blue backing it up. Want to play a White deck on Grixis? Too bad! Now the storyline shows the world somehow reborn into one, and all the colors will be present. More interestingly, every single card will be multicolored! No more 1-color decks, kids. The block also features some fun new stuff, like the newfound prominence of the Planeswalkers, uber-wizards who can travel the multiverse.

But I digress… today, for the first time outside the adamantine towers of Wizards of the Coast (or office building, or whatever they have…) is this spoiler card revealed. GeekDad’s very own spoiler, in fact. And here it is:


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