Daily LEGO – General Grievous Kit

Geek Culture

101860000xx121101860000xx121He’s the cyborg with a chip on his shoulder, wielding lightsabers like a pinwheel. Yes, he’s General Grievous, the most impatient, ill-tempered tool of the Sith since Palpatine had to pass a kidney stone.

And he’s also a cool LEGO set.

For those who’ve been eyeing LEGO’s General Grievous kit and thinking "one day …" – wait no more.

The multi-limbed cyborg is now on sale at the LEGO store, at 50% off the original price. With more than 1000 pieces, four light sabers and a chest plate that opens to reveal his mortal organs*, this is a must-buy kit for any Star Wars LEGO fan.

*fire extinguisher sold separately.

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