Throw Your Own Pinewood Derby


It’s a crazy sale! They’ve gone mental! Maker Shed is selling pinewood derby cars for ONE SINGLE SOLITARY DOLLAR EACH! But, you ask yourself, what would you do with a pinewood derby car? Unless you’re the parent of a Cub Scout, that is.

Consider the example of Greg Flanagan. Last August, he asked his wife Marie if he could be 12 again. He wanted to throw his own pinewood derby in his Minneapolis back yard. The son of a shop teacher, he had the woodcrafting moxie to build his own track. Add a few friends and a few beers and voila, an awesome geeky afternoon.

Check out the Maker Shed for your own pinewood derby kit, available for a single buck.

(Photo credit: Greg Flanagan)

Wired How-To: Dominate Your Son’s Pinewood Derby

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