Coming Soon… GeekDad’s Alara Reborn Spoiler Card!

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1702_arb_620jpg1702_arb_620jpgStay tuned for this Friday’s super secret spoiler card for Alara Reborn, third set in Magic: The Gathering’s Alara Block — recall our awesome Shards and Conflux spoiler cards?

While the specifics of the set are a little mysterious thus far, we can tell you this much: The tagline is "The Birth of One World, the Death of Five." Also, every one of the set’s 145 cards will be multi-color, so you can forget packing the unicolor deck! This is the first time in the history of Magic that every card is multi-color.

Finally, if you’d like a taste of the spoiler cards that have been released so far, check out Wizards’ Alara Reborn spoiler page.

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