Building Big in the Living Room

Geek Culture


"All-purpose space station battle castle elevator action towering cave dwelling." Photo: Jeff Slomba

What to do with all that styrofoam? Keep it. Hoard it. Collect more. And then let your kids use it like giant Legos.

“The boys … helped arrange the pieces, then I wielded the hot glue gun,” explained Jeff Slomba, a sculptor and art professor in Connecticut. “They also drew all over it with Sharpie markers.”

“The styrofoam was all scavenged, curb picked, donated by relatives and appliance stores. Also I snagged the packing every time someone at work got a new computer.”

And he had this hint: “It helps to tape the pieces together while the glue cools- it take a few minutes for the glue to cool since styrofoam is an insulator.”

Note: Slomba’s solo work is worth a look, too.

And don’t forget Kevin Kelly’s Styrobot!

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