Science Buddies – the Ultimate Source for Science Fair Project Ideas

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We are geeky parents. We love science, and we try hard to instill a passion for learning in our kids. So how many times has it come around to the time to choose a science fair project, and we’ve been totally at a loss. We ask our kids what they’re interested in:

"I dunno."

We ask them if there are any projects on the suggested list that strike their fancy:

"Not really."

We fight the urge to bang our heads on the table, and go back once again to the syllabus to try to figure something out.  Well, I say nevermore!

My wife teaches 4th grade, and has to help guide 30+ kids and their parents in choosing appropriate and interesting science fair projects, and this year she learned about Science Buddies. The idea is simple: "Free science fair project ideas, answers, and tools for serious students." The site indexes over 800 ideas, most with complete step-by-step instructions and educational frameworks for assembling a complete project. Projects are categorized by subject and grade/difficulty level, and include information on cost, completion time, materials required, and safety issues.  Many include videos to help in building the project, and there’s even a project idea wizard to guide kids to finding just the right project.

And it’s all free (the site is run by a non-profit foundation). So, next time the science fair rolls around and you’re out of ideas, check out Science Buddies.

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