Composer Gives GeekDad a Shout-out in the LA Times, GeekDad Returns the Favor

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GeekDad Dave Banks caught site of a mention of GeekDad in the LA Times this weekend. It was in a short bio-type interview with composer David O, who has made a name for himself working on projects aimed at kids, and is currently Music Director for Divorce! The Musical. One of the list of probing questions asked him was what his "Top Web destination" is, to which David replied:

I am hooked on the Geekdad blog on the Wired magazine site [].
It’s a blog that ranges from do-at-home math and science projects with kids to things to build with Legos and "Star Wars" trivia. I’m using my parenting to exercise my inner geekness.

Sounds like proof-positive that GeekDad is doing its job! Thanks for the plug, David!

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