GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Anton Olsen’s Story

Geek Culture


I originally found out about GeekDad when John Baichtal dropped a comment on my blog. I followed his link back here and promptly added GeekDad to my feed reader. This site quickly climbed into my first read folder where it remains to this day. I was honored a couple months later when John invited me to write for GeekDad. After a brief conversation with Ken it was settled and I jumped in with both feet.

The main reason I accepted the offer to write for GeekDad was to push my limits. Writing is a relatively new thing for me and one with which I am just now getting comfortable. This has been a great adventure, and the experience is helping me more than I had ever though it could.

My Favorite Post[s]

I have a very hard time picking favorite posts, but two topics always get my attention.

First and foremost are robots, especially robot competitions that involve school age geeks. I feel very strongly that our country is losing the scientific edge we have had over other countries. We need to encourage students to look at the sciences and consider those as career paths.

The other topic that I get excited about is sharing our geek heritage with out children. The history of pop culture references isn’t taught in public school (yet) and I think we, as Geeks, should help our kids understand. I haven’t organized a curiculum or made them memorize key geek dates, but I do share the movies and games that shaped many of the pop culture references we use every day.

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