GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Kathy Ceceri’s Story



Why I Joined GeekDad: I’m still not quite sure how I ended up here. I came upon GeekDad one day searching for LEGO information and bookmarked it for future reference because the name was so cool. Then, in the fall of 2007, when I was trying to drum up a little interest in a Home Chemistry blog I was starting, I emailed Ken Denmead and suggested he look at it. Ken responded by inviting me to join the GeekDad roster. Of course, I was incredibly flattered, and since I love to write about fun stuff parents can do with their with kids, I said yes! Although I sometimes feel a little left out when the guys are talking about gaming or iPhone apps or other things I know nothing about, I believe I fill an important niche here at GeekDad by representing  moms, Northeasterners, English majors, Twitterphobes, Windows users, parents of teenagers, homeschoolers, and people old enough to have watched Star Trek: The Original Series when it ran the first time.  Anyway, I’m not a dad, and some readers argue that (based upon my indifference to some forgettable Bruce WIllis movie) that I’m not really a geek — but here I am.

My Favorite Post: Strangely, my favorite posts don’t seem to be everyone elses’. I sometimes get no comments on topics that mean a lot to me, and endless discussion on things I just threw together. But the post that may have had the most positive influence was What Makes Kids Love Math: Community and Playfulness, which shared tips from a home educator I have tried to emulate, Mary O’Keeffe, parent of two high-achieving daughters and mentor to many other children in her community.

Kathy Ceceri also blogs at Home Chemistry, Home Biology, and Family Online.

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