Top 10 Cool People I Want to Meet at Wondercon This Weekend

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I’m headed for Wondercon in San Francisco today, and while I have a couple interviews planned (and the West Coast premiere of the new Wonder Woman animated movie to watch), one of the coolest parts of a con like this are the celebs who are there to speak at forums and sign autographs.  I wanted to make sure I took copies of whatever comics I had that I might be able to get signed, and started geeking out at the rather large list of geek-favorite folks who are making appearances.  Here, in no particular order, are the 10 I’m most interested in getting all fanboy over:

  1. Henry Winkler – yes, the Fonz will be there!
  2. Tom Kenny – the voice of Spongebob.
  3. Bruce Timm – creator of Batman the Animated Series
  4. James Robinson – writer of the amazing Starman comic.
  5. Stan Sakai – creator of Usagi Yojimbo, the best samurai rabbbit comic ever made.
  6. Virgina Madsen – she made Pinot Noir a household word(s).
  7. Malachi Throne – he’s been on TV for a long time; anyone remember It Takes a Thief?
  8. Adam Baldwin – JANE!!!
  9. Mark Hamil – yeah.
  10. Carrie Fisher – double yeah.
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