LEGO Space Battleship Yamato Flies on a Wave Motion Engine of Cool

Geek Culture

I remember watching Space Starship Yamato (aka Starblazers) on TV when I got home from school back in the ’70s, on the Captain Cosmic show – one of those local shows where the host (Bob Wilkins) filled in around the commercial breaks in his sci-fi alter ego, and introduced a variety of cool cartoons.  The thing I remember most about the show was that every episode pretty much ended with them having to fire the wave motion gun – the giant energy weapon that blasted from the bow of the ship, and must have been the #1 inspiration for the Death Star’s death ray.  Well, Brickshelf user Vincent Cheung has lovingly recreated the Yamato in LEGO, and as both an anime fan and LEGO geek, I must applaud.

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