GeekDad Goes to Disneyland Part 2: A Treat for Food Geeks

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One particular aspect of our geekiness as a family is that most of us are foodies (the younger son, not so much – but he goes along for the ride and orders chicken nuggets whenever he can).  So one of the other very special treats we allowed ourselves this trip was a dinner at the chef’s counter at Napa Rose, the restaurant at the Grand Californian hotel.

On top of being able to watch the organized chaos of a professional kitchen play out in front of you, if you order the prix fixe menu, the chefs (including Executive Chef Andrew Sutton, right, and his Sous Chef Alex) come over and chat with you through the night, asking your likes and dislikes.  With the information they glean, they have special dishes prepared for you at each course.  It’s a real treat, and highly recommended both for people who are truly into food in a geeky way, and for getting that really special VIP experience for an evening.

Click through for a few more iPhone pix from our Chef’s Counter experience at Napa Rose.

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