CRAFT Magazine Ends Its (Paper) Run

Geek Culture

Craftcovers110Craftcovers110MAKE Magazine’s sister publication, CRAFT, has announced it is ceasing publication after issue #10. Editor and publisher Dale Dougherty explained:

Two and a half years ago, inspired by the DIY creativity of a growing number of indie crafters, we launched CRAFT Magazine along with its companion website, Since then, we’ve become an integral part of the new craft community. We’ve been fully committed to encouraging more people to discover the joy of crafting.

All along, we have noticed that has been growing steadily. At the same time, we’ve come to realize that there were more and more challenges in publishing CRAFT as a print magazine, especially with the costs of print and distribution rising, and diminishing interest among advertisers in print. So we’ve decided that Volume 10, our Celebrate Like Crazy issue, will be our last print issue and that the future of CRAFT is online.

Subscribers can finish out their run with MAKE magazines or get a refund. Check out the announcement for more information, and don’t forget to read the comments. Some people are angry, others sad or philosophical, but you really get a sense of how important this magazine was. CRAFT was a vital part of the DIY scene and it will be missed. Still, the blog will remain an awesome resource, so it’s not a total loss.

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