WOTC Star Wars: The Clone Wars Miniatures Are Better Than the Movie

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Wizards of the Coast has just released the latest addition to its popular Star Wars gaming and collectible miniatures series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  With the recent hype around the TV series and the accompanying movie, the timing is just about perfect.  The review material I was sent included the six figure starter set that has everything you need to get started: miniatures, a 20-sided die, stat cards, rules and a battle map.  As with previous series, you can add to your collection of miniatures via booster packs containing a random assortment.  The boys tore into these pretty quickly and were thrilled to discover Captain Rex and Count Dooku among the collection. 

Actually it was kind of a Clone Wars themed Saturday at my house.  I finally got around to picking up the movie.  We watched it (twice), and that got the boys pretty well primed for opening up the miniatures.  Speaking of the movie, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I read Vincent’s review when the movie first came out, so maybe I wasn’t expecting too much.  But I kind of enjoyed the animation style.  Yes, the droids were a little inane and I found Ahsoka Tano annoying, but on the other hand, my 8 year old daughter suddenly became interested in the movie because of that character.  So I suppose the Lucas folks have been doing their marketing homework.  Clearly aimed at kids (and with an obvious attempt to capture or recapture that Tween girl demographic), but I was able to sit through the first viewing. 

Back to the Clone Wars miniatures.  There are 40 or so figures available in this series and, like the previous WOTC sets I’ve been sent or purchased, the quality of the miniatures is very good, especially when you consider the size and the reasonable price point.  At my place, we’re continuing to use these in place of the standard 3.75" Star Wars action figures -more bang for the buck, easier to stand up for battles and no pieces to fall off (or be pulled off) and lost.

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