One Geeky Dad’s DIY LEGO Play Table

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Image by Dan BramosImage by Dan Bramos

Image by Dan Bramos

Here’s an awesome home project, shared by Dan Bramos via Google+:

In an effort to fight the never ending battle of “Is that where your LEGOs go?” I cobbled together a LEGO play and storage table for the Dude. All the wood was left over from other projects (no cost incurred), the tubs were $10/10 (the others will hold additional LEGO projects in the closet and can be switched out), four base plates at $5 each, and the hobby bin was $16. Leftover paint and glue did the rest. Less than $50 and a little elbow grease and now I may be able to walk to the fridge in the middle of the night.

Well done, sir!

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