Space: The Final Frontier…Again

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Picture_1Picture_1GeekDads will doubtless be aware that this weekend brought us the latest installment in the Bond franchise, in which steely-eyed Daniel Craig smashes his way through another thrilling plot using only a few amazing gadgets and the razor-sharp edge of his chiseled jaw.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see that action.

What I was treated to, though, was a videocammed YouTube post of what preceded the new Bond flick — a full trailer for the forthcoming JJ Abrams-helmed retelling of Star Trek. I confess I’m not fan enough to keep track of the numbers…I believe this is Star Trek XXIII: Spock vs. Kirk Steel Cage Showdown, or something like that. Anyway, this latest trip to the final frontier is said to be a "reboot" of the story, and the new trailer certainly bears that out.

Without divulging my own feelings on the matter, let’s hear what y’all have to say about this. Does the new trailer look like a Star Trek you want to ride? Does it make you run screaming for the DVD case and a quick fix of City on the Edge of Forever? Or are you simply ambivalent? Sound off in the comments.

(Image of the curiously Cycloptic USS Kelvin lifted from the official movie site.)

See also Underwire’s coverage.

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