Duxbury Student Union turns Trash into Treasure

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DsuDsuCombine a pile of old CD-ROM drives, some simple tools, and you have the makings of an electronics class for kids and adults.  Check out what Chris Connors, Lee Pulis, and Duxbury Student Union did with a pile of junk and a few spare hours.

Last week at the Duxbury Student Union, Lee Pulis and I held a workshop on using trash to learn about electricity, design and mechanical devices.
We used CD drives from old computers. Inside the drives we found motors, gears, switches, and lots of interesting looking stuff. The main tools were small phillips head screwdrivers and pliers. We had some copper tape on hand, some batteries and electrical tape. Other tan the new batteries, everything we used for supplies and tools was either from the dump or a local discount store for cheap.

More info at MAKE: Blog: Photogallery – turning trash into treasure.

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