Baby Monitor and Other Great iPhone Apps for New Parents

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When I wrote my 5 Great iPhone Apps for Parents post, I was thinking more from where I’m at now – dad to two boys, 8 & 10 years old – and didn’t consider what would have been cool if I’d had the iPhone back when they were babies.  Well, someone has, thank goodness!  Sarah James over at Parent Dish has put up a great list of iPhone apps geared more for the new parent.  Included are some gems, such as:

  • Baby Monitor – it actually turns your iPhone into a baby monitor.  Set your phone next to your sleeping tyke, and when they wake up and make noise, the device automatically calls a pre-set number.
  • Diaper Tracker – an app designed to help you, yes, track your baby’s poop.  For anyone who hasn’t had a little one, it may seem kind of gross, but often doctors will ask after such data as a way to evaluate health.  Of course, you could always use the phone’s camera to take pictures, too…
  • Grocery IQ – a shopping organization app that lets you plan your grocery list down to the last detail, including optimizing your path through the aisles, so the little one doesn’t go, or drive you, crazy during the one time you get out of the house this week.

To see the rest of the list, check out the story here.

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