World’s Best Dad – Maybe It’s You!

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Not being one to hang around the glitterati of the information super-highway, I’m not sure how it happened, but the other day I came across an award ceremony that caught my eye – World’s Best Dad. I really liked the way they focused on recognizing everyday dads, rather than the famous (or infamous) characters that usually make the parenting headlines. As they say on the site:

We’ll be picking 8 winners from all around the country, and one lucky dad will be crowned as the World’s Best Dad. But it’s not just about recognition and a nice trophy – each winner will also receive a prize for all the family that money can’t buy. It could be a cooking lesson from a celebrity chef, a dream holiday or a once in a lifetime experience.

Prizes will be awarded in a star-studded ceremony next year, where ordinary dads will get to rub shoulders with the glitterati as they anxiously wait to discover whether they’ll be announced as the World’s Best Dad!


Although there’s not a category explicitly for the Best Geek Dad, I’m sure some of the ground breaking parents in Geek-dom will feature in the list. Maybe there are even some budding super dads within the hallowed ranks of GeekDad itself. Time to get entering!

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