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StandStandJust like Flickr is a resource of Community Commons artwork, Thingiverse — a new website by NYCR cats Bre Pettis and Zach "Hoeken" Smith — aims to become the resource for individuals looking for objects to create with their RepRap fabricators, CNC routers or laser cutters. While thinly populated with "things" thus far, early contributions to the site include a steampunk monitor stand (pictured), ceratoposaur skeleton model, a heart-shaped box and several reprap machine parts.

The site’s blog described their mission:

One of the most frequent questions I get after people understand what a RepRap does, is a variant of either ‘Why do you need a machine like this?’ or ‘What do you make once you have one?’. Well, is an answer to that. This is no ordinary object sharing website. is a home for all your digital designs. If you can represent a physical object digitally, then we want it on Thingiverse. You can upload 3D files for a RepRap machine, vector files for a lasercutter, or even a PDF of instructions on how to buildh a sock puppet.

The dream behind Thingiverse is that someday in the not so distant future, when everyone has a RepRap machine, they will be able to go to, find a useful/interesting/cool thing, download it, print it, and 15 minutes later be able to hold the actual thing in their hands. This is the coming revolution of digital fabrication and we want to help you make it happen. If you want to be involved, now is the time to step up and get involved.

To inaugurate Thingiverse’s start, they’re throwing a Lazzzor Battle Design Challenge where participants create a design that could be lasercut on 12"x12" material — acrylic, wood, cardboard, or other laserable substances. Don’t have one of them fancy gadgets and want to participate? Just use Inkscape or Illustrator to create your design and upload it. But hurry, because the entries will be produced and liveblogged this weekend.

Image by Eric Skiff (cc)

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