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Back_to_the_futureBack_to_the_futureAs a child of the 80s I still have fond memories of hair bands, music videos, and the beginning of the best in movie special effects.  In an attempt to provide my own children with some reference to the pop culture references that now permeate our lives I have started buying and showing many of the movies that helped define me as a geek and a fan of science fiction.

Next up for us is the Back to the Future, the complete trilogy.  We watched part 1 last night, and the kids absolutely loved it.  It embarrasses me a little to say that I had totally forgotten how awesome that movie is.  Even by today’s standards the special effects are great. 

I will urge caution before you show this to the kids.  There are a few scenes that allude to some adult situations.  The one that grossed the kids out the most is when Marty’s mom was hitting on him in the car.  I have to admit, it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.  The worst scene followed shortly after that, when Biff is attempting to rape Lorraine in the front seat of the car.  Fortunately McFly comes to her rescue before the kids really have a chance to question what is happening.  This would be a great chance to talk about some of the changes in our society and to explain that No really means No if you think your kids are old enough for that lesson.  Neither of mine are old enough to fully understand that yet, but they did agree that Biff’s conduct was not nice.

The movie is a great introduction to suspense, complicated plots, and good triumphing over evil.  Both kids were attentive during the whole show and even caught many of the smaller plot points.  Travis even caught on that the young Goldie was the one who really was mayor of the town in 1985.  We all enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait til next weekend when we watch part

Anyone have any suggestions which shows we should watch next?  I’m considering the Indiana Jones trilogy, but fear it might be just a little too violent.  Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid?  I’m open to suggestions—if you think I’m missing an obvious pick, please speak up.

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