Metal Heart: Tilt-shifted Time-lapse Monster Truck Rally

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Picture_3Picture_3What do you get when you combine tilt-shift imaging, time-lapse photography, funky music, hyperbolic chassis engineering, copious quantities of horsepower, and a fire-breathing car-eating dinosaur? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly what the result is, but Keith Loutit captured it on video, and the result is nothing short of stunning.

There’s so much to love about this video. The music, for openers — what’s not to like about a tune called "Robot High School" by a band called My Robot Friend? You can even snag a free copy.

Then there’s the the photography: tilt-shifted and time-lapsed. I don’t know if Keith uses post-processing, or shoots his images with something like a Lensbaby
(or a real tilt-shift lens). In any case, the result looks like a time-lapse shot with G-scale miniatures.

And of course, there’s the fact that it’s monster trucks. Not geeky, you say? Not so. Monster truck rallies are definitely not geeky, but the trucks themselves are an exercise in engineering, and any GeekDad who gets the chance should take his geeklets to see at least one rally.

Metal Heart is far from Keith’s only exercise in video. Check out his footage archive for more stunning examples.

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