Six Random Peglegs

Geek Culture

As we conclude Pirate Week, it is only fitting that we present six random peglegs. PeglegPegleg

Peter Stuyvesant – The man who put the Stuy in Bed-Stuy stomped around New Amsterdam until 1664 when it was ceded to England and renamed New York.  The football team at Stuyvesant High is called the Peglegs, but Stuy is better known for its many science and math alumni, including four Nobel laureates.

Oscar Pistorius – His peglegs are made of carbon fiber, and he carries his gold around his neck; 2008 Beijing Paralympic wins in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races.  His next target is London in 2012, hoping to qualify for the Olympics.   

Wirt – While you loot his body for treasure in the ruins of Tristam, let him serve as a reminder to keep track of your own peglegs, lest they be used for ill. Collect his leg and you might access the secret cow level. . .

Captain Ahab – If a whale chomps your leg off, don’t get mad.  It can only end badly. On the other foot, they named Starbucks after his first mate, so drink up.

Cherry Darling – (pretty woman – leg)* 5.56/sicko hordes = Planet Terror

Alastor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody – You’d think he’d spare a little magic for his pegleg, but no, the eye gets all the credit, even after he’s gone.  This Auror taught Harry a thing or two. 

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