GeekDad’s Exclusive Shards of Alara Spoiler Card

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ShardsofalaraShardsofalaraThis is huge. Once again, Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast has seen fit to bestow upon us an exclusive spoiler card.

Previously we’d been blessed with a Shadowmoor spoiler. This time it’s for their latest offering, Shards of Alara, a super cool plane that has been split into five parts!

So without ado (other than clicking through, you know the drill!) here’s our fabulous spoiler card!

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The Rakeclaw Gargantuan… looks pretty tough! 5/3 is not bad, and being able to burn one mana to make any 5+ power creature "first strike" is an added bonus.

So there you have it. The GeekDad spoiler card, viewable for the first time outside of Wizards’ adamantium vaults.

By the way, if you’re stoked about this new world, don’t forget to check out the accompanying The Shards of Alara novel, available for pre-order.

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